Wizard Code: A View on Low-Level Programming

2017-06-19 。。

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Note that I keep updating the book without necessarily changing the draft number so please re-download the file now and again if you are interested. :)

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Wizard Code is my take on machine programming. The book discusses the C language in depth from a low-level programmer's perspective. You will get familiar with how Unix-like systems execute code, how C code is translated to assembly (and later, trivially, to machine language), and such advanced topics.

The book assumes prior knowledge of the C language, so it's probably not the best pick for the first book on C. Try Kernighan and Ritchie's C Programming Language or another beginner- or intermediate-level text on C first. Take a look at the links section as well.


C machine-oriented discussion
useful new features in C99
computer representation of numeric values
segment-based permissions for code and data
stack-based run model
relation with and translation to assembly
code optimisation techniques
notes on code style
code examples including a world class malloc-allocator
Assembly used where necessary
MMX examples of vector ('SIMD') programming


cover first idea for book front cover
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Learn C The Hard Way a free book on C programming
Magic Algorithms a collection of tricks
bit twiddling hacks another collection of tricks
HAKMEM legendary MIT collection of tricks
the bit twiddler Stephan Brumme's collection of tricks

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Rick Booth Inner Loops
Dominic Giampaolo Practical File System Design with the Be File System
Randall Hyde Write Great Code Volume One - Understanding the Machine
Randall Hyde Art of Assembly
Henry S. Warren Hacker's Delight